About Us

Founded in 2007, AzureTech is now a leading IT staffing company, with many IT consultants serving in major Fortune 100 & 500 companies. We're a full-service IT Staffing Company that does everything, from research through implementation.

Insider Scoop

"AzureTech focuses on furthering your and client careers. They're about bringing you along on the way, not stopping on each other."

Since 2007, AzureTech's name recognition and reputation grew steadily in providing quality IT Staffing Solutions to the private and public companies alike. This reputation does not come at the expense of prestige—we boast particular strength in providing IT Staffing solution to major Fortune 500 Companies. Our IT services include the needs of your businesses, from staffing to solutions.

AzureTech has gained this repute to maintain resources for all kinds of small and big jobs. This has demonstrated in our ability to meet our client needs, no matter how complex technology solutions they need from us. We've successfully completed their projects within the given deadline and budget.

This is not possible without a strong team. Our team members are industry leaders with the knowledge and strategic leadership in place. They're real award winners. Their key characteristics are: listening to your exact needs, providing you the right solutions and giving you unbiased business propositions. They're dedicated, loyal, and diligent workers who earned AzureTech repeat businesses from almost all our clients.

In Recruiters' Words

- Our ideal candidate has a strong academic record, relevant work experience and skills, solid examples of leadership and teamwork, and a sense of humor.

- I can always count on AzureTech to cut through to the vital aspects of a job and relay to me exactly how best I fit. This helps me prepare to be on the same page as the potential employer from the get-go. (I took this testi

In Job Seekers' Words

"As a job seeker, I've received valuable support from AzureTech and its team while going through the process of finding new job opportunities for my career. AzureTech has provided me friendly and professional advice to prove my qualifications to potential employers."