IT Staffing Solutions

Effective staffing is the cornerstone of any successful business. It lays the foundation for your organization's future performance and survival. Mastering the art of IT recruitment/hiring is not everyone's cup of tea. Here at AzureTech, we have years of IT experiences to help you find your ideal candidates and build stronger teams. You can count on us.

Why AzureTech?

We're a headhunter specializing in IT sector for major Fortune 100 & 500 companies and an invaluable part of your candidate search arsenal. Our IT Staffing Solutions are simple, effective and affordable. Using us has several key benefits:

  • We do have access to a large pool of right candidates for you.
  • We handle such cumbersome administrative details of recruiting as placing ads, evaluating skills, and conducting preliminary interviews.
  • We check selected references from our candidates' past employers to gather skill proficiency information and job performance history.
  • We can help you identify whether you need a contingent, full- or part-time worker, or a generalist or a specialist.
  • We also provide you feedback on what the market looks like right now to find the applicant you need. We can also help you in identifying passive candidates who aren't interested in working for your company.


Your people are your product. Here's how we're different:

  • We train people through several training programs. These programs are but not limited to behavioral, functional, leadership, soft skills and technical programs.
  • We reward people monthly for their best performances.


  • We've implemented over 14 hiring tools across your hiring processes.
  • We're the best in using automated tools integrated in the end-to-end processes. This gives us an extra edge to boost businesses.

Tenure and Expertise

  • Unlike other companies, we've a decade-long experience in providing IT talent.
  • We're serving twenty (20) different vertical with more than sixteen (16) technical domains
  • And we're a leader in the MSP Space.

Proven Results

  • Our clients love what we do as we always rank on top in their satisfaction surveys.
  • We're 100% compliant. So far we've conducted: (1) Over 50 clients/MSP Audits and (2) 50 Internal Audits of ATS, Payroll, HR Files, Off/On-Boarding.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing not only maintains an appropriate staff, but also retains them, while keeping your dollars in control. We can help avoid your 'headache' and give you undreamed-of flexibility to help cope with any business situation. Our services help you fill your short-term needs for the right candidate.

You can rely on us whenever you've seasonal requirements, during slow periods, and when you're thinking about to reduce your workforce. That's AzureTech today: an IT staffing resource that can be more help to you in more ways that you've ever thought.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

As the number of temporary IT employees (aka contract staff) has exploded in recent years, companies now wrestle with the challenge of bringing order to what has increasingly become chaos. But top businesses are now trying to change that by bringing in staffing agencies to manage the procurement of temporary help. AzureTech can help you get complete control over contract workers by observing them for a permanent role.

Here's what we do: We can help you determine whether the employee is a perfect fit. And when the contract period ends, you can hire them based on their performance. It's a win-win situation: You'll have an opportunity to check your employee performance, his cultural fit, and working integrity prior to giving him/her a full-time job.

Direct Hire/Permanent Staffing

he most important asset of nearly every company is its intellectual capital. That is, the direct hires and permanent workers who carry in their heads the information and knowledge that have built the company. AzureTech has a good pulse on the local job market. With our direct hire/ permanent staffing solutions, we can help your company in finding and hiring top talent for permanent positions. We rank the performance of every member of your team. We allow you to learn new skills and sharpen the ones you already have. We take full responsibility for screening your ideal candidates. That way you can focus completely on growing your business.

Project Staffing

The Holy Grail is just-in-time hiring. Working closely with HR professionals (not just when you need them, but long before you do) will help you develop and maintain a solid network of potential hires and help avoid a mad scramble just to fill a spot. AzureTech is an expert in project staffing. We design solutions to meet your just-in-time hiring needs. This way is effective when you're opening up a new sister branch, hiring temporarily or on a contract basis, hiring occasionally (or on seasons), or when you're having some sudden recruitment challenges. Our time-saving and process-oriented approaches support you by delivering quality services.