Job Seekers

In today's competitive world job seekers need every advantage they can arm themselves to secure and maintain gainful employment. That's what AzureTech is all about.

AzureTech has contracted with major Fortune 500s to serve you better. Remember: Our client companies need you. This is a two-sided working relationship where each one of you depends on the other. Knowing what your role is and how you can leverage it will lead you to quicker results and greater employment success.

Our IT consultants are our pride. We're very careful when we recruit them and perfectly fit them in their preferred positions. This way we ensure that you have a superb experience at AzureTech.

Whether you're just setting out looking for a long-term career and thinking about temporary work, or have any level of experience as a temp, we can improve your chances of success with the targeted client companies.

Why AzureTech?

We're a head hunter specializing in the employment of new approaches and methodologies to get you the best in the most effective way. Fortune 100 & 500 rely on us. Our employee experiences include, but not limited to:

  • Working opportunity throughout the US.
  • A one-on-one professional relationship with your employer and hiring manager
  • A non-stop support from a dedicated in-house team of employee relations professionals.
  • Coaching, mentoring and professional training.
  • Best packages with benefits nowhere else in the industry.
  • Higher pay, based on your credentials, work experiences and results.

Meet Our Recruiters:

Here at AzureTech, we do understand what you expect from us. We work diligently to get you your desired job that strengthens your skills and materialize your expectations.

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Popular Questions

  • How much do you charge for your service?

    We charge NOTHING. Our main intent is to give you your desired job in the companies you love most, where you get an opportunity to maximize your potential to success.

  • Do you have a job for me? What types of jobs are available?

    AzureTech has all for you: we supply contract positions to our partnered companies. We do have clients who offer contract-to-hire to permanent employment opportunities.

  • Do you sponsor or transfer H1 or TN Visa as well?

    Yes, we do. We've an experienced in-house immigration team with the successful history in sponsorship and Visa acquisition.

  • What other benefits does AzureTech give?

    AzureTech is an industrial leader in providing benefits. Benefits abound, ranging from:

    • The insurance of Medical, Dental and Vision
    • Bonuses including referral programs
    • Education Credits
    • Training
    • and 401(k)

    Note: Not all clients provide all these benefits. Email us to know more about benefits:

  • When I start my assignment who will supervise me?

    AzureTech makes your assignment experience with us rewarding and comfortable from start to end. How? Once you start an assignment, our hiring manager oversees your daily workflow at the worksite. Your manager is always available for queries and concerns. We do have selected major partners with dedicated employees who work as representative & check your assignment regularly. This way we ensure that all is going well.

  • Is there any specific length of an assignment?

    Not all assignments are the same. Our partners decide the length of your assignment. AzureTech has both long- (35 to 40 hours per week) and short-term assignments for you. We always work hard to give you the best.

  • How can you help me with my assignment?

    Well, AzureTech works actively with you all the way through your assignment. And when your assignment ends, we market your skills (you've gained) and help you to get more from your future employers.

  • What you'll do with my resume?

    When AzureTech received your resume, we'll assign you your personal concierge. Your personal concierge will contact you within 24 hours and schedule a call or a meeting with you to discuss your experiences and develop a plan that suits your needs.

  • How and when you'll pay me?

    We pay contract workers twice a week. Typically, we pay contract workers based on the hours they've worked and the rate they've set for a position. In rare cases, we pay them a salary. Our clients pay direct employees according to their own payroll policies they've set.

  • Will you send my resume to potential companies without any prior notification?

    NO. We consider it wrong, ethically. We always ask you for a position to which you're most suitable. We'll never send your resume to anyone without your consent. Your personal concierge will discuss everything with you prior to sending your resumes to companies: job descriptions, pay rates, working environment, location and any relevant information.

  • What is your criterion about relocation? I'm about relocate, soon.

    All applications need a valid, existing address. AzureTech does offer relocation help for some projects, but we recommend you to show your geographical preferences in your job application. It's simple: Just mention one more cities where you prefer to work.