Technology Solutions

Day in and day out for over 10 years, AzureTech has been a leading provider of technology solutions for indus-tries in the US and worldwide. We provide intelligent ideas and integrated IT solutions. With capabilities in de-signing emerging technology solutions (infrastructure solutions, Big Data solutions, Cloud Solutions, Outsourc-ing Solutions), and complete support for existing platforms, we positioned to do just that.

Infrastructure Solutions

Your company today needs an IT infrastructure that is easy, efficient, and versatile. AzureTech provides infra-structure solutions through superior program management and technology-based approaches. We can help speed up data center infrastructure deployment, efficiently manage information and resources, and adapt to any business change. Our ability to plan, design and operate diverse facilities and infrastructure systems has

Big Data Solutions

Big Data is changing. It's also changing the way businesses use any information to improve the customer ex-perience and transform business models. It isn't a single technology, but its a combination of both old and new technologies. That combination helps you gain actionable insights. Big Data is also a capability to manage a huge volume of disparate data, at the right speed, and within the right time-frame to allow real-time analysis and reaction.

AzureTech has the technology in place. We use Big Data to anticipate and solve your business problems to react to opportunities. With Big Data, we analyze data patterns to change everything, from the way you:

  • Manage (everything).
  • Prevent failures.
  • Conduct experiments.
  • Provide remote MongoDB services
  • Improve customer satisfaction, or
  • Enhance product quality (just to name a few).

AzureTech can help you understand and unleash the tremendous power of Big Data, changing the world as you know it.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is more than a model of elastic workloads, cost reduction, capital preservation, and im-proved IT efficiency. Cloud computing is evolving. And it has the potential to be a major driver of your business innovation. It will open up new customer segments and markets for you. Your cloud adoption should consider additional and potential benefits as part of its target state.

AzureTech accomplishes all this by collaborating and brainstorming. Expectations abound. But AzureTech as-sures you to materialize these expectations:

  1. Create your cloud vision.
  2. Identify cloud use cases.
  3. Drive business innovation.
  4. Define business outcomes and projected ROI.
  5. Determine opportunities for cloud as a fifth utility.
  6. Specify cloud ecosystem.
  7. Mobile Solutions
  8. Determine and publish stakeholder involvement.
  9. Develop metrics.
  10. Define governance.
  11. Develop roadmaps.

Remote MongoDB Services

MongoDB is a powerful, flexible, and scalable database. MongoDB isn't everything to everyone. Instead it makes the difference between features and complexity, with a clear bias toward making previous difficult tasks much easier. In other words, it has the features that really matter to the vast majority of today's web ap-plications: indexes, replication, sharing, a rich query syntax, and a very flexible data model. With MongoDB ser-vices, AzureTech has the ability to scale out with features such as secondary indexes, range queries, sorting, aggregations, and geospatial indexes. Like MongoDB itself, AzureTech's approach is simple, straightforward and approachable. We can help you provide remote MongoDB services and be up and running in no time.

Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing is everywhere nowadays. It's no longer a force somewhere out there, on the horizon, that may or may not come this way to affect your business. It has arrived. With it comes tales of woe and a history that in-cludes gaffes, headlines, larger price tags, and occasionally, some success. Outsourcing is neither the root of all evil, nor the cure-all for business ills. It's simply paying someone else to deliver services for you.

Yet implementing an outsourcing successfully isn't everyone's cup of tea. If it wasn't, the tales wouldn't thrive the way they do. There are logical, proven ways to conduct an outsourcing transaction. But, unfortunately, many companies jump in before researching those proven ways. Fortunately for you, AzureTech tells you all about the best ways to outsource.